Managing chronic hepatitis C acquired through intravenous drug use.

  title={Managing chronic hepatitis C acquired through intravenous drug use.},
  author={Sarah L Jowett and Kosh Agarwal and Brena C Smith and Wendy Craig and Mike Hewett and D R Bassendine and Eilish Gilvarry and Alastair D. Burt and Margaret Fiona Bassendine},
  journal={QJM : monthly journal of the Association of Physicians},
  volume={94 3},
We retrospectively reviewed the provision and uptake of hospital services for 253 current and ex-intravenous drug users with hepatitis C virus (HCV). Overall, 237 attended at least one clinic (mean age 32 years, 70% male, 43% on maintenance methadone); 81% had evidence of active viral replication and 137 agreed to a liver biopsy to assess disease severity. Of these 137, 24% had mild chronic hepatitis with a low risk of progression to cirrhosis, but 9% had cirrhosis (mean age 40 years, mean time… CONTINUE READING


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