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Managing change - negotiating conflict, M. Anstey : book reviews

  title={Managing change - negotiating conflict, M. Anstey : book reviews},
  author={Christopher Thornhill},
This third edition of Managing change - negotiating conflict, endeavours to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the complexities of negotiations and problem solving in various settings. The edition has been updated and restructured to include the most recent knowledge and experience in this area of human resource management. 
School Leaders as Effective Negotiators and Mediators - The Art of Lessening Conflict in Schools: A Literature Review
All organisations do experience conflicts from time to time. Intractable conflict can debilitate the running of organisations and make communication to be almost impossible. Organisations without a
Trust building strategies to enhance collective bargaining processes in organisations
The main research problem in this study was to identify what trust-building strategies can be utilised by organisations to enhance collective bargaining processes. To achieve this objective a
Intergroup conflict within a South African mining company
The uncertainty that accompanies organizational change heightens prospects for intra-organizational conflict. Notwithstanding this, the knowledge base on the sources (or causes) of organizational
A comparative study of the Ugandan and South African labour dispute resolution systems
The purpose of the study is to compare the dispute resolution systems of Uganda and South Africa. The historical developments of both systems were discussed so as to understand the factors that
A study of South African journalists' perceptions of their roles in reporting on social conflict and how these relate to concepts of peace journalism
Set against a backdrop of ongoing social conflict in the country, this study sets out to explore how South African journalists understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to reporting
Exploring academics' experiences of a merger in higher education: The reflective experience of mergers (REM)- framework
In contrast to most mergers and acquisition literature which focuses on merger activity in the business world, this paper examines the University of Johannesburg (UJ) merger, which is typical of
Educators' perceptions of conflict at three Northern area schools in Port Elizabeth: a case study
The researcher, who is also an educator, a School Management Team member and a union official, observed that conflict among educators at schools was a cause of concern. This situation prompted the
An exploratory study of an environmental conflict : the case of Thyspunt, Oyster Bay in the Eastern Cape
As the global energy crisis continues to have an impact on developing countries such as South Africa, stakeholders form an increasingly significant role especially around the concerns of development
The University of Johannesburg merger: Academics experience of the pre-merger phase
Purpose of the study: The aim of this study is to gain an understanding of the merger experiences academic staff were exposed to during the pre-merger phase of the University of Johannesburg merger.
Exploring the conflict narratives of youth at risk: the Umzi Wethu Programme, Port Elizabeth
Years of political unrest, forced removals, migrant labour and overly rapid urbanisation have had a negative effect on the lives of many South Africans and poverty, unemployment and the HIV/AIDS