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Managing Technological Change: Strategies for College and University Leaders. The Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series.

  title={Managing Technological Change: Strategies for College and University Leaders. The Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series.},
  author={A. W. Bates},
Confronting the Technology Challenge in Universities and Colleges. Leadership, Vision, and Planning in a Post-Fordist Organization. Planning and Managing Courses and Programs. Technology Infrastructure and Student Access. Supporting Faculty. Calculating the Costs of Teaching with Technology. Funding Strategies, Collaboration, and Competition. Organizing for the Management of Educational Technologies. Research and Evaluation. Avoiding the Faustian Contract and Meeting the Technology Challenge. 
Leadership and Distance Education in Higher Education: A US Perspective
The premise of this article is that while in the US understanding is growing about the technologies and strategies needed for effective distance education in an online environment, leadership effortsExpand
Change Dynamics and Leadership in Technology Implementation
Framing productive strategies for integrating technology into educational programs is challenging for colleges and universities. This study examines a campus-wide program for implementing technologyExpand
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Abstract The chapters in Part IV of Handbook of Distance Education (2007), “Policies, Administration, and Management,” focus on the ways in which policies encourage or hamper the integration ofExpand
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Unrolling Roles in Techno-Pedagogy: Toward New Forms of Collaboration in Traditional College Settings
Taking the rapid development of information technologies as a catalyst for re-examining the roles generally assigned to professors, students, librarians, and technology support staff in traditionalExpand
Dimensions of leadership in higher education distance education
  • S. Irlbeck, D. Pucel
  • Political Science
  • Proceedings International Workshop on Advanced Learning Technologies. IWALT 2000. Advanced Learning Technology: Design and Development Issues
  • 2000
The study investigated the role and meaning of leadership in higher education distance education. It found that distance education within higher education lags behind that of other organizations andExpand
Strategic Planning for Technological Innovation in Canadian Post Secondary Education
In this study, institution-wide strategic plans that were available online were examined in detail to determine how educational technology was referred to in these documents. Based on this data andExpand
Leadership for Open and Flexible Learning
The authors argue for transformation leadership at the institutional, departmental, and programme level and suggest an action framework for those who would lead and manage. Expand
A critical appraisal of the implementation of online learning technologies : society, higher education and business
This article critically investigates the implementation of online learning technologies at higher education institutions, with the accent on the needs of society and the role of business. TheExpand
A research based model for managing strategic educational change and innovation projects
Innovation and radical strategic change are closely related. They both introduce a high degree of uncertainty to an organisation. Recent research has identified that there are particular processesExpand