Managing Team Performance: Interdependence, Goals and Rewards


4 Dit proefschrift is goedgekeurd door de promotoren: Acknowledgements This PhD-project has been very instructive and inspiring. I consider it a great privilege that I have had the opportunity to do it. Many people have supported me during this research project and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them, although I fear the following list may be incomplete. I am very much indebted to prof.dr. Jen A. Algera and dr. Harrie van Tuijl for supervising, inspiring and motivating me and for reading and commenting on many texts, all in a professional and pleasant work atmosphere. Similar words hold for Prof.dr. Henk Thierry, who I would like to thank for his intellectual and practical support throughout the project. Further, I am indebted to dr. Ton Korver for some useful discussions in the early stages of this research. Thanks to all my colleagues inside and outside the department. In the department, I would especially like to thank Ad Kleingeld for his intensive support and inspiration during all stages of the research and for the pleasant times we had in – for instance – Seville and Lisbon. Further I would like to thank Brigitte Claessens, Josette Gevers, Lisette Kanse, Heleen van Mierlo and my roommate Miranda Peeters, my fellow PhD students, who provided distraction and support and with whom I had a wonderful time. I am indebted to Anniek van Bemmelen for helping me out time and again with English grammar problems. Outside the department, I would like to thank the teachers of the PhD-courses and Prof.dr. Michael West, in particular, for the many things I learned from them. Further, I am grateful to the contact persons at the case study organizations and all the research participants, who have been crucial for project completion. I am also grateful to ir. Jelle Simons who helped me to collect data, Willem Doesborgh for developing an electronic questionnaire, Jurgen de Koning for assisting me with the layout of this dissertation, Tilly de Bruin for her very useful and detailed comments on the final draft of this dissertation, and my mother for making the beautiful painting for the cover. Last but not least, I would like to thank my dear Isabel for her warm support and encouragement, my parents for their confidence in me, and family and friends for the interest and distraction which they provided, thanks! Research on effective combinations of …

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