Management of relapse in naltrexone maintenance for heroin dependence.

  title={Management of relapse in naltrexone maintenance for heroin dependence.},
  author={Maria Ann Sullivan and Fatima Garawi and Adam Bisaga and Sandra D. Comer and Kenneth M Carpenter and Wilfrid No{\"e}l Raby and Stephen J Anen and Adam C. Brooks and Huiping Jiang and Evaristo Akerele and Edward V. Nunes},
  journal={Drug and alcohol dependence},
  volume={91 2-3},
UNLABELLED Opioid dependence is a growing public health problem. Maintenance on the antagonist naltrexone for clinic- or office-based treatment of opioid dependence is plagued by high rates of relapse. This paper identifies critical determinants of lapses to opioid use during naltrexone maintenance. Time retained in treatment was examined as a function of whether lapses to opioid use occurred while adherent to naltrexone (blocked use), or after having missed naltrexone doses (unblocked… CONTINUE READING

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