Management of pyopagus conjoined twins

  title={Management of pyopagus conjoined twins},
  author={Anthony David Hockley and Peter Gornall and Richard Walsh and Hiroshi Nishikawa and Hiu Fung Lam and Lesley Macpherson and J. G. Bissenden and Gabrielle Downey and L. Spitz},
  journal={Child's Nervous System},
Approximately 18% of conjoined twins (1 in 200,000 live births) are joined at the sacrum (“pyopagus”). As the joined structures are not life-threatening, there is generally a good prognosis, with time for investigation and planning of operative separation. This paper reports on the management of pyopagus twin girls, the first in the UK delivered at 36 weeks by Caesarean section. The diagnosis had been made by ultrasound at 12 weeks’ and confirmed by MRI scan at 26 weeks’ gestation. Each twin… CONTINUE READING

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