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Management of oak forests in Austria.

  title={Management of oak forests in Austria.},
  author={E. Hochbichler and W. Ruhm and H. Sch{\"o}nauer and J. Vukeli{\'c} and I. Ani{\'c}},
Visitor preferences of thinning practice in young even-aged stands of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.): comparing the opinion of forestry professionals in six European countries
ABSTRACT This study compared visitor preferences of forestry professionals across six European countries (Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Austria, Romania and Portugal) using a questionnaire survey.Expand
Gemeinschaftsprojekte der FBVA
(bisher ”Hohenprofile Achenkirch/Okosystemare Studien im Kalkalpin, Abschatzung der Gefahrdung von Waldokosystemen”)