Management of low back pain

  title={Management of low back pain},
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#### Summary points Back pain is the leading cause of occupational disability in the world and the most common cause of missed workdays. As the population ages and our lives become more sedentary, this situation is unlikely to change. We aim here to provide an evidence based overview of low back pain aimed at primary care physicians. The most frequently quoted epidemiological studies cite lifetime adult prevalence rates varying from 50% to 80%, and point prevalence rates from 15% to 30%.1 Yet… Expand
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Interventional Clinical Trial
The purpose of this study is to find out the additional effect of global re-education program with hamstring stretching in patients with low back pain.  
ConditionsBack Pain
Interventional Clinical Trial
Participants with chronic back pain will complete an online prescreen. They will then be randomized to one of two different studies: a placebo vs. waitlist study or a psychotherapy… Expand
ConditionsBack Pain, Low, Back Pain Lower Back Chronic, Chronic Pain
InterventionBehavioral, Other
Interventional Clinical Trial
Low back pain is the most common health problem that affects work performance and quality of life. It's defined as pain, stiffness and discomfort experienced in the area lying on the… Expand
ConditionsMechanical Low Back Pain
InterventionBehavioral, Procedure
Interventional Clinical Trial
Epidural steroid injections (ESI) are the most frequently performed procedures in pain clinics. When performing ESI, there is no consensus about how to best select candidates for… Expand
ConditionsLumbosacral Radiculopathy
Low back pain.
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