Management of lawn mower injuries to the foot and ankle.

  title={Management of lawn mower injuries to the foot and ankle.},
  author={Janet Corcoran and William A. Zamboni and Elvin G Zook},
  journal={Annals of plastic surgery},
  volume={31 3},
Seventy consecutive patients treated for lawn mower injuries to the foot and ankle were reviewed to determine optimal treatment, functional results, and complications. Injuries were classified into 1 or more functional-anatomical zones (I, digits; II, dorsum; III, plantar nonweight-bearing surface; IV, heel; and V, ankle) for a total of 96 injuries. Thirty-one patients were available for follow-up. Mean age was 36.7 years and 84% were males. Most injuries (67%) involved patients > 16 years old… CONTINUE READING
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