Management of jugular paragangliomas in otolaryngology practice.

  title={Management of jugular paragangliomas in otolaryngology practice.},
  author={Emin Karaman and Mehmet Yilmaz and Huseyin Isildak and Yusuf Hacizade and Nazm Korkut and Irfan Devranoğlu and Ozgun Enver and Nihat Sekercioğlu},
  journal={The Journal of craniofacial surgery},
  volume={21 1},
Paragangliomas of the head and neck are highly vascular lesions originating from paraganglionic tissue located at the carotid bifurcation (carotid body tumors), along the vagus nerve (vagal paragangliomas), and in the jugular fossa and tympanic cavity and should be considered in the evaluation of all lateral neck masses. The aim of this study was to review… CONTINUE READING