[Management of hemangiomas and vascular malformations].


Vascular anomalies can be classified as hemangiomas or vascular malformations. Hemangiomas are benign neoplasms, frequently diagnosed in infancy. The vast majority of these anomalies are totally harmless and spontaneously regress, although they often worry the parents because of esthetic reasons. Only a few (1/4), however, are endangering and will require therapy. Vascular malformations are rather vessel abnormalities which, unlike hemangiomas, persist. They require a thorough evaluation and most will benefit from an intervention. The recent development of informative imaging techniques (ultrasonography, Dopplerflow imaging and magnetic resonance) has permitted significant advances in the etiology and therapy of these vascular anomalies. All too often, these patients shuffle from physician-to-physician seeking help. Thus the authors recommend a multidisciplinary approach. This team should include a plastic surgeon, a radiologist and a paediatrician.

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