Management of grown up congenital heart disease.

  title={Management of grown up congenital heart disease.},
  author={John Eric Deanfield and Erik M D Thaulow and Carol Warnes and G. G. Webb and Frantizek Kolbel and Andreas Hoffman and Keld Sorenson and Harald Kaemmer and Ulf J Thil{\'e}n and Margaret Bink-Boelkens and Laurence Iserin and Luciano Daliento and Eric D. Silove and Andrew M Redington and Pascal R Vouh{\'e} and Silvia S Priori and Mar{\'i}a Angeles Alonso and Jean-Jacques Blanc and Andrzej J Budaj and Mart{\'i}n Cowie and Jaap Deckers and Enrique Fern{\'a}ndez Burgos and John Lekakis and Bertil Lindahl and Jo{\~a}o Morais and Ali Oto and Otto A. Smiseth and Hans Joachim Trappe and Werner Klein and Carina Bl{\"o}mstrom-Lundqvist and Guy de Backer and Jarom{\'i}r Hradec and Gianfranco Mazzotta and Alexander Parkhomenko and Patrizia Presbitero and Adam Torbicki},
  journal={European heart journal},
  volume={24 11},

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