Management of flexibility in projects

  title={Management of flexibility in projects},
  author={Nils O. E. Olsson},
  journal={International Journal of Project Management},
  • N. Olsson
  • Published 2006
  • Engineering
  • International Journal of Project Management
Identification of Critical Factors Affecting Flexibility in Hospital Construction Projects
The dynamics relating to flexibility in a hospital project context is analyzed, and it is illustrated how late changes can have a significant negative impact on the project itself, contributing to delays and cost overruns.
Four stages of making project management flexible: insight, importance, implementation and improvement
Abstract Increased project complexity, project dynamics and changes in clients’ requirements are a few examples that suggest the necessity for flexibility in project management in order to deliver
How flexible is project management in practice? An exploratory research into project management of infrastructure projects in construction industry
Nowadays, flexibility of project management attracts practitioners and scholars attention as a must-have quality to enable managing project complexity. Increased complexity of infrastructure projects
Practitioners’ Perspectives on Flexible Project Management
This paper explores practitioners’ perspectives on project management flexibility by the use of Q-methodology and reveals three distinct perspectives on flexibility for both organization types (client and consultant): flexibility by trust, flexibility by scope management, and flexibility by proactive management.
Flexibility in project management : Towards improving project performance
The effect of project management flexibility and project complexity on project performance is investigated using a mix-method approach.
An Empirical Study on Flexibility: A Critical Success Factor of Construction Projects
There are several factors that have been identified as the critical success factors for the performance of construction projects. A lot of research work is available identifying the critical success
Lifecycle view of managing different changes in projects
Purpose A project contractor can promote the success of a delivery project by planning the project well and following a project management methodology (PMM). However, various changes typically take
Project-Ending Competence in Networks: Two cases of large inter-organizational projects
Continuing restructure of business driven by global economic change and new technology often requires closure of existing manufacturing facilities. In cases where these terminations are unexpected


This paper gives an overview of research on project flexibility in engineering projects. Project flexibility is viewed from different perspectives. Firstly, the concept of flexibility in projects is
“Projectification” of the firm: The renault case
The Strategic Management of Large Engineering Projects: Shaping Institutions, Risks, and Governance
As the number, complexity, and scope of large engineering projects (LEPs) increase worldwide, the huge stakes may endanger the survival of corporations and threaten the stability of countries that
Learning to Reduce Rework in Projects: Analysis of Firm's Organizational Learning and Quality Practices
While it is widely recognized that additional costs due to rework can have an adverse effect on firm and project performance, there has been limited empirical research investigating the influencing
Through the Looking Glass: Examining Theory Development in Project Management with the Resource-Based View Lens
Project management is a young discipline and young disciplines tend to lack well-developed theories. This paper examines several topics that help with theory development – the use of a common
Quantitative Definition of Projects Impacted by Change Orders
Change, defined as any event that results in a modification of the original scope, execution time, or cost of work, is inevitable on most construciton projects due to the uniqueness of each project