Management of equine sarcoids: 1975-93.

  title={Management of equine sarcoids: 1975-93.},
  author={F F McConaghy and Richard E Davis and George Reppas and R JRawlinson and Susan McClintock and Dorothy Hutchins and David R. Hodgson},
  journal={New Zealand veterinary journal},
  volume={42 5},
Treatment options for equine sarcoids are briefly reviewed and the results of a retrospective study of 63 cases of equine sarcoid (66 lesions) treated by clinicians from the Rural Veterinary Centre, Camden, Australia from 1975 to 1993 presented. Five different treatments were employed in the management of these 66 lesions, including surgical excision alone or in combination with cryotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and tumour transfer to a subcutaneous site on the neck. The majority of… CONTINUE READING