[Management of couples following prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormalities].


Methods of prenatal diagnosis have changed the time when, and the circumstances in which parents find out that their child has a malformation. The different phases of counseling of a couple who had experienced recurring fetal cystic hygroma in two consecutive pregnancies are described. In several consultations the authors tried to respond to the specific psychologic reactions to the diagnosis of fetal malformation and to deal with them. Typical sequelae such as shock, grief, and the formation of subjective theories are discussed, as well as the time needed for counseling and interaction with clinic staff. Guidelines for client-centered, interdisciplinary and preventive counseling are proposed.

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@article{Langer1987ManagementOC, title={[Management of couples following prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormalities].}, author={Mathias Langer and Markus Ringler and Pavel Mazanek}, journal={Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde}, year={1987}, volume={47 3}, pages={186-9} }