Management of cement vertebroplasty in the treatment of vertebral hemangioma.

  title={Management of cement vertebroplasty in the treatment of vertebral hemangioma.},
  author={Vladimir Boschi and Zenon Pogoreli{\'c} and Goran Gulan and Zdravko Perko and Leo Grandi{\'c} and V Radon{\'i}c},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of surgery : SJS : official organ for the Finnish Surgical Society and the Scandinavian Surgical Society},
  volume={100 2},
BACKGROUND The vertebral hemangiomas are benign vascular lesions occurring in spine. Although uncommon, symptomatic vertebral hemangiomas can be painful and can limit daily activities. A number of methods have been used in the treatment of symptomatic and aggressive vertebral hemangioma, but none of them is optimal. Treatment with cement vertebroplasty showed very good results. This study aims to illustrate the validity of the treatment with cement vertebroplasty in patients with painful… CONTINUE READING