Management of bladder, prostatic and pelvic floor disorders

  title={Management of bladder, prostatic and pelvic floor disorders},
  author={Giuseppe Brisinda and G. Santa Mar{\'i}a and Anna Rita Bentivoglio and Federica Cadeddu and Gaia Marniga and Francesco Brandara and Alberto Albanese},
  journal={Neurotoxicity Research},
Since its introduction in the late 1970s for the treatment of strabismus and blepharospasm, botulinum toxin (BoNT) has been increasingly used in the interventional treatment of several other disorders characterized by excessive or inappropriate muscle contractions. Over the years, the number of primary clinical publications has grown exponentially, and still continues to increase. It has been shown that BoNT blocks cholinergic nerve endings in the autonomic nervous system but does not block non… CONTINUE READING