Management of Postpartum Diastasis of the Pubic Symphysis.

  title={Management of Postpartum Diastasis of the Pubic Symphysis.},
  author={D Erickson and Jeffrey Low and Joseph B. Shumway},
  volume={39 2},
Conservative management is typically recommended for postpartum diastasis of the pubic symphysis, despite significant functional disability and chronic pain associated with this condition. With a reported incidence of 1:500, the authors describe diagnosis and management controversies with an additional review of relevant literature related to the management of this orthopedic condition. The case is of a 27-year-old woman diagnosed with 5.5-cm diastasis of the pubic symphysis after spontaneous… 

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The data is generalized and arranged to generalize and arrange the data published in scientific literature and to present currentviews on epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment options for pubic symphysis diastasis during pregnancy and delivery.
Peripartum Pubic Symphysis Diastasis—Practical Guidelines
The paper presents the current standards of diagnosis and treatment of pubic diastasis based on orthopedic and gynecological indications.
Pubic Symphysis Separation and Regression in Vaginal vs Cesarean Delivery.
Using an Elastic Band Device After a Severe Obstetric Pubic Symphyseal Separation: Clinical and Imaging Evaluation.
Use of an elastic band device was associated with a reduction of the pubic width and pain associated after obstetric pubic symphysis separation.
Расхождение лонного сочленения при беременности и родах (обзор литературы)
Current views on epidemiology, diagnostics and treatment options for pubic symphysis diastasis during pregnancy and delivery are presented to generalize and arrange the data published in scientific literature.
Дисфункция лонного сочленения как одна из актуальных проблем современного акушерства
DLS is a serious complication, which can lead to serious consequences in some cases in the postpartum period, and may require surgical treatment and subsequent long-term rehabilitation.
Peripartum Pubic Symphysis
Расхождение лонного сочленения является сравнительно редким осложнением родов, еще реже оно встречается во время беременности. По данным литературы, частота расхождений лонного сочленения составляет


Symphyseal Separation
Conservative management including analgesia, rest, and a pelvic binder is a reasonable method of management and a large separation is a potential complication requiring treatment and follow-up.
Peripartum Pubic Symphysis Separation: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
A case of a 22-year-old primigravida who had a severe pubic symphysis separation after a vaginal delivery complicated by a shoulder dystocia is presented and it is shown that the degree of patient disability after peripartum pubic Symphony separation varies greatly and no clinical factors or diagnostic studies effectively predict the course of patient recovery.
Images in clinical medicine. Peripartum diastasis of the symphysis pubis.
A 21-year-old primigravida at nearly 40 weeks' gestation presented with a spontaneous onset of pelvic pain and difficulty in walking. After a rapid delivery, the postpartum physical examination
Parturition-induced pelvic dislocation: a report of four cases.
Because the outcome in the patients was poor and results in the literature are equivocal, it is suggested the consideration of an operative approach to treatment in patients with symphyseal diastasis of > 4.0 cm.
Incidence and Risk Factors of Symptomatic Peripartum Diastasis of Pubic Symphysis
Diastasis is more frequent than generally acknowledged and Pregnant women with multiple gestations should be informed about the potential risk of pubic symphysis diastasis.
Disruption of the pelvic ring during spontaneous childbirth. A case report.
A young woman sustained disruption of the anterior pelvic ring with bony avulsion of the symphysis pubis during a spontaneous delivery. Anterior external fixation allowed a full functional recovery.
[Diagnosis, classification and indications for surgical treatment of pelvic ring fractures].
The biochmechanics, traumatic patterns, diagnostics and treatment techniques applied are described clearly and with good illustrations.
Incidents and risk factors of symptomatic peripartum diastasis of pubic symphy
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