Management of Gypsum in Construction Site - Case Study

  title={Management of Gypsum in Construction Site - Case Study},
  author={Erika T. Viana and Lubienska Cristina L.J. Ribeiro and Rosa Cristina Cecche Lintz and Lu{\'i}sa Andr{\'e}ia Gachet-Barbosa and Marta Siviero Guilherme Pires},
The waste generated by the construction sector have increased significantly, becoming an increasing problem, since most of this waste is deposited irregularly, not giving its proper disposal. Such waste, if not disposed properly contribute to environmental degradation, affecting not only the environment, but also, the quality of life. The gypsum products are among the wastes of this activity. Gypsum is a material that has many applications in the construction and generates significant volume of… CONTINUE READING

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