Management of Autistic Patients in Dental Office: A Clinical Update

  title={Management of Autistic Patients in Dental Office: A Clinical Update},
  author={Shashidhar Chandrashekhar and Jyothi S Bommangoudar},
  journal={International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry},
  pages={219 - 227}
Autism is an intellectual developmental disorder characterized by insidious disability in communication, social interaction, and using language and abstract concepts. This organic disorder is known to have deformities in brain, i.e., cerebellum and limbic system, showing wide spectrum of systemic and behavioral symptoms. The oral health care of such patients can be complicated as they cannot verbalize complaints about any dental problems they may be experiencing and can display a variety of… 

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Orthodontic Approach to Patients with Autism: A Review.
The aim of the literature review was to collect information about the general oral health status of patients with autism, the difficulties that may be encountered during treatment, and the precautions that can be taken and the treatment approaches.
Complete Dental Management of an Autism and Intellectual Disability Patient under General Anaesthesia: A Case Report
This case is presented of a 22-year-old man with autism, intellectual disability and visual impairment who had recurrent pain in his upper and lower left posterior teeth that had cavities and restoration, pulp capping, tooth extraction, and odontectomy were planned under general anaesthesia.
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Techniques for dental radiographic examinations.
Various ASD-related characteristics, comorbidities, and an assortment of general behavior guidance techniques (Picture Exchange Communication System, visual scheduling, social stories, first-then board, voice control, tell-show-do, electronic media devices, nonverbal communication, and desensitization).
Management of Epileptic Patient in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry
This review shows the management of the diseases related to the oral cavity of an epileptic patient in various method and approaches.
Various techniques of adaptation to dental treatment of children with autism spectrum disorder
Only integration of several methods, multidisciplinary cooperation and an individual approach to work with children with autism can lead to success in work and adaptation to dental interventions of persons with autism spectrum disorder.
Oral Surgery Management in Asperger Syndrome: A Case Report
A surgeon should be aware of the problems associated with patients with Asperger syndrome and how these can interfere in the surgical treatment, as communication is the key to successful dental treatment in a patient with AsPerger syndrome.
Comparison of Oral Health Status and Behaviors Between Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Healthy Children in Rasht City, Iran
According to the results, the c hildren with ASD had higher caries experience and gingivitis compared with healthy children and most of them behaved in negativ e or definitely negative manner during dental examination.
Parental perception of oral health-related quality of life in children with autism. An observational study
Autism is a severely distressing condition wherein oral health along with general physical health is affected and since parents are directly involved in upbringing of these individuals, they also subsequently show a reduction in quality of life.
Challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders Families Towards Oral Health Care in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The knowledge toward oral health was found to be inadequate among the majority of the parents and parents of ASD children need to be educated about the consequences of oral health neglect and the importance of regular check-ups.


Autistic Child – Does Management Differ?
The various correlates of the disorder and their value in the clinical practice are emphasized in this paper.
Autistic disorder: a review for the pediatric dentist.
The latest medical findings on the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment approaches of AD are summarized, and the main dental topics reviewed are: oral health status and dental needs of patients with AD, characteristics of patientswith AD, and self-injurious behavior (SIB) in the context of AD.
Understanding the autistic dental patient.
This article seeks to familiarize readers with ASD characteristics and co-morbid conditions that may affect dental treatment and provide some management strategies for this unique population of patients.
Management of children with autism spectrum disorder in the dental setting: Concerns, behavioural approaches and recommendations
Most of the relevant studies indicate poor oral hygiene whereas they are inconclusive regarding the caries incidence in autistic individuals, and undergraduate dental education appears to determine the competence of dental professionals to treat developmentally disabled children.
Oral health status and dental needs of an autistic population of children and young adults.
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Noninstitutionalized children with autism had caries rates that were similar to rates of functionally independent peers, and institutionalized adults with autism were found to have lower decayed, missing, and filled teeth (DMFT) scores than functionally independent Israeli persons of the same age.
Autism: A review for family physicians.
  • S. Karande
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    Indian journal of medical sciences
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Although there is currently no known cure for autism there is evidence to suggest that early intervention therapy can improve functioning of autistic children and judicious use of psychotropic drugs is necessary to manage associated aggression, hyperactivity, self-mutilation, temper tantrums.
Factitial oral lesions in an autistic paediatric patient.
Treatment of factitial oral injuries must be interdisciplinary and requires cooperation of the patient, the parents, health care providers, and medical team.
Behaviour guidance in dental treatment of patients with autism spectrum disorder.
Use of protective stabilization was associated with lower caries severity, presence of seizure disorder, uncooperative behaviour, male gender, or residency in a group home/institution.
Management of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
Important issues, such as management of associated medical problems, pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic intervention for challenging behaviors or coexisting mental health conditions, and use of complementary and alternative medical treatments, are also addressed.
Brief report: Neuroanatomic observations of the brain in pervasive developmental disorders
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To date, detailed neuroanatomic studies have been initiated in only two of these disorders, Autism and Rett syndrome and some very preliminary data are available for Asperger syndrome.