Management of 240 cases of liver abscess.

  title={Management of 240 cases of liver abscess.},
  author={Rushabh Mehta and Subhash Chandra Parija and D V Chetty and R R Smile},
  journal={International surgery},
  volume={71 2},
The clinical features and surgical management of 240 cases of liver abscess admitted during a period of five years are presented. Incidence of liver abscess was 0.20 per cent of hospital admissions. A peak age incidence in the 4th decade, male preponderance, pain and fever were the striking features. The majority of the abscesses were localised to a single lobe (90.0%). The abscess was sited in the right lobe in 75.1 per cent, in the left lobe in 18.3 per cent and in both lobes in 6.7 per cent… CONTINUE READING