Management and surgical outcome of suprasellar meningiomas.

  title={Management and surgical outcome of suprasellar meningiomas.},
  author={Jean Brihaye and M F Brihaye-Van Geertruyden},
  journal={Acta neurochirurgica. Supplementum},
The authors analyse 22 cases of suprasellar meningiomas, drawing attention to factors influencing on the surgical outcome. In all but one case, symptomatology began with progressive visual failure in one eye. Bilateral anosmia was noted in 4 patients with large tumour. Mental disorders were conspicuous in 5 cases and 3 patients suffered from epilepsy. Headache was severe in 5 cases. Endrocrinological disorders were observed in 3 patients. The sella turcica was of normal shape in all cases… CONTINUE READING