Management Information Systems: The Virtual Team Scorecard (VTS)


Organizations resisting changes are missing opportunities to grow or to become or remain competitive. Management Information Systems (MIS) used as decision support systems may support organizations in making use of changes in environmental conditions. Nevertheless, innovative structures are needed to motivate organizations contributing in change projects. In this study, a virtual team scorecard, which can be used as a management information system, enabling requirements analyses for managing virtual teams in organizations and in virtual teams with members of different organizations, was developed in two different versions: (a) an internal VTS and (b) an inter-organizational VTS. The results revealed that the developed virtual team scorecard covers all the main strategic factors from a management perspective and, in particular, relies on the qualitative factors of the team, determines the quality and group dynamics deficits of a team, and may provide clues for knowing which factors should receive special attention. Furthermore, the developed scorecard can be used for inter-organizational teams and any kind of structured co-operation between organizations.

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