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Managed flood releases from reservoirs: issues and guidance

  title={Managed flood releases from reservoirs: issues and guidance},
  author={M. Acreman and F. Farquharson and M. McCartney and C. Sullivan and K. Campbell and N. Hodgson and J. Morton and D. M. Smith and M. Birley and D. Knott and J. Lazenby and R. Wingfield and E. Barbier},
Freshwater Ecosystem Services Coordinating Lead
Coordinating Lead Authors: Bruce Aylward, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Juan-Carlos Belausteguigotia Lead Authors: Peter Börkey, Angela Cassar, Laura Meadors, Lilian Saade, Mark Siebentritt, Robyn Stein,Expand
Les lâchers morphogènes : définition, expérimentations et protocole opérationnel de mise en oeuvre
Au fil des siecles, de nombreux cours d’eau ont ete regules par des barrages pour assurer differents besoins tels que la gestion des inondations, la production d’energie hydro-electrique,Expand
A global perspective on environmental flow assessment: emerging trends in the development and application of environmental flow methodologies for rivers
Recognition of the escalating hydrological alteration of rivers on a global scale and resultant environmental degradation, has led to the establishment of the science of environmental flow assessmentExpand
Aménagements hydroélectriques et conséquences environnementales dans le nord du Vietnam
La these pose l’hypothese que la construction des barrages hydroelectriques pourrait etre un moteur de developpement harmonieux entre montagnes et plaines. L’objectif serait de relier politiques deExpand
In this paper I describe a case of river-basin development in southwestern Ethiopia, and attempt to shed light on the particular form it has taken, by setting it firmly within the context ofExpand
Green Water Credits: Basin identification
Linking science and decision-making: features and experience from environmental river flow setting
  • M. Acreman
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • Environ. Model. Softw.
  • 2005
There is no real gap between science and decision-making, but rather a continuum of expertise from basic to applied scientists through to water managers, and how risk and uncertainty need to be handled when applying results is examined. Expand
From flushing flows to (eco)morphogenic releases: evolving terminology, practice, and integration into river management
Abstract Flushing flows are deliberate high-flow releases designed to mimic effects of floods in removing fine sediment from downstream aquatic habitats. A special case of environmental flows,Expand
Impact of Hydropower Dam Operation and Management on Downstream Hydrogeomorphology in Semi-Arid Environments (Tekeze, Northern Ethiopia)
Due to renewed interest in hydropower dams in the face of climate change, it is important to assess dam operations and management in combination with downstream impacts on rivers in (semi-)aridExpand
Maintaining ecosystem health and flexible livelihood portfolios
• The fish-based farming system occupies the edges of Africa’s water bodies along coastlines, lakeshores and the floodplains of river systems and provides a diversified, flexible and resilientExpand


Dams and Disease: Ecological Design and Health Impacts of Large Dams, Canals and Irrigation Systems
Panama Canal: recognition of French error in trying sea-level canal development of efficient means of earth moving overcoming malaria and yellow fever in labour force. St. Lawrence Seaway:Expand
Between‐year variation of lateral fish migrations in the Inner Delta of the River Niger (Mali, West Africa)
On the whole the migration into the plain was more important in 1994, a high flood year, and the relationships between the different migrating fish species and the water discharge, temperature and conductivity are evaluated. Expand
Ecological Economics: Concepts and Methods
Contents: 1. Introduction Part I: An Introduction to Ecological Economics 2. Ecological Economics: Rationale and Problem Areas 3. Towards an Open Future: Ignorance, Novelty and Evolution 4. TheExpand
Making sustainability work
Abstract Today's economic theory usually neglects the role of nature and environment. To make sustainability work it is, however, essential to (re-)integrate nature into the standard concepts ofExpand
Managed Flooding for Riparian Ecosystem Restoration Managed flooding reorganizes riparian forest ecosystems along the middle Rio Grande in New Mexico
The name Isleta comes from the time before flood control on the Rio Grande, when spring flood waters roared down from the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado, flooding the middle Rio Grande Valley of central New Mexico. Expand
Recent Changes of Sediment Yield in the Upper Yangtze, China
The lack of evidence for increasing sediment input to the Three Gorges area masks a considerable variation in sediment conveyance and storage within the Upper Yangtze catchment. Expand
Temporal variability of contemporary floodplain sedimentation in the Rhine-Meuse delta, The Netherlands
It is often believed that extreme but infrequent events are most important in the development of landforms. When evaluating the overall effect of large floods on floodplain sedimentation,Expand