Mammals of the Eastern United States

  title={Mammals of the Eastern United States},
  author={John O. Whitaker and William John Hamilton},
"The authors have done a superb job of distilling a vast amount of information on the biology of the terrestrial mammals of the eastern United States in a style that will not only satisfy the expert's need for accurate data but will also appeal to students and others interested in natural history." -James N. Layne, Archbold Biological Station In their definitive work on eastern mammals, John O. Whitaker, Jr., and W. J. Hamilton, Jr., vividly convey their sheer delight at the variety and… 
Mammals Of Kentucky
Because of its central situation in the Eastern United States and the variety of habitats to be found within its borders, Kentucky has an interesting mixture of mammals, including some characteristic
Natural history of Oregon coast mammals
Maser, Chris, Bruce R. Mate, Jerry F. Franklin, and C. T. Dyrness. 1981. Natural history of Oregon coast mammals. USDA For. Serv. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-133, 496 p. Pac. Northwest For. and Range Exp.
A distributional survey of North Carolina mammals
There are 108 species of mammals currently recognized as occurring in North Carolina and its adjacent offshore waters. Seventy-nine of these are terrestrial and 29 are marine. This represents the
Mammals of the Thousand Islands Region, New York
In the headwaters of the St. Lawrence River as it flows from Lake Ontario along the New York State and Ontario border there is an archipelago of about 1700 islands. These islands range in size from a
The Prehistoric Distribution of the Opossum
The opossum, Didelphis marsupialis virginiana Kerr, is widely distributed throughout the eastern United States. It occurs as far north as southern Ontario (Peterson and Downing, 1956). Hamilton
Notes on Geographic Distribution and Habitats of Mammals Eaten by Owls in Southern New England
Introduction Over the years a substantial collection of owl pellets found at various places on both the mainland and islands of southern New England has been amassed at the University of Connecticut
Ecology and Conservation of Lynx in the United States
Once found throughout the Rocky Mountains and forests of the northern states, the lynx now hides in pockets of its former range while feeding mostly on small animals like snowshoe hares. A team of
This work synthesized records from museums, bat captures, and bats submitted for rabies testing to provide a more accurate and useful distribution for natural resource managers and those planning to research bats in South Carolina.
Taxonomic assessment of the black bear (Ursus americanus) in the eastern United States
Small numbers of characters that reflected molar tooth measurements or features relating to dentition, height of frontal region, and skull length and width appeared to correctly classify these taxa in most cases.
The Discovery of a Reproductive Population of Eastern Small-footed bat, Myotis leibii, in Southern Illinois Using a Novel Survey Method
Abstract The only previous reported record of eastern small-footed bats (Myotis leibii) in Illinois was from a 2005 discovery of two individuals under a rock at the Fink Sandstone barrens of Shawnee