Mammalian mitogenomic relationships and the root of the eutherian tree.

  title={Mammalian mitogenomic relationships and the root of the eutherian tree.},
  author={Ulfur Arnason and Joseph A. Adegoke and Kristina Bodin and Erik Wolder Born and Yuzine B. Esa and Anette Gullberg and Maria Nilsson and Roger V. Short and Xiufeng Xu and Axel Janke},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={99 12},
The strict orthology of mitochondrial (mt) coding sequences has promoted their use in phylogenetic analyses at different levels. Here we present the results of a mitogenomic study (i.e., analysis based on the set of protein-coding genes from complete mt genomes) of 60 mammalian species. This number includes 11 new mt genomes. The sampling comprises all but one of the traditional eutherian orders. The previously unrepresented order Dermoptera (flying lemurs) fell within Primates as the sister… CONTINUE READING
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