Mammalian glucokinase and its gene.

  title={Mammalian glucokinase and its gene.},
  author={Patrick B. Iynedjian},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={293 ( Pt 1)},
Mammalian glucokinase was identified 30 years ago as a distinct form of hexokinase in rat liver. The hexokinases (ATP: hexose 6phosphotransferases, EC constitute a family of evolutionarily and stucturally related enzymes present in eukaryotic cells from yeast to mammals. In the cells of higher organisms, the physiologically significant substrate for these enzymes is Dglucose. The reaction catalysed by the hexokinases, ATP + Dglucose -+ ADP+ D-glucose 6-phosphate, is the first and… CONTINUE READING


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