Mammalian base excision repair by DNA polymerases delta and epsilon.

  title={Mammalian base excision repair by DNA polymerases delta and epsilon.},
  author={Manuel Stucki and Barbara Pascucci and Eleonora Parlanti and Paola Fortini and Samuel H. Wilson and Ulrich H{\"u}bscher and Eugenia Dogliotti},
  volume={17 7},
Two distinct pathways for completion of base excision repair (BER) have been discovered in eukaryotes: the DNA polymerase beta (Pol beta)-dependent short-patch pathway that involves the replacement of a single nucleotide and the long-patch pathway that entails the resynthesis of 2-6 nucleotides and requires PCNA. We have used cell extracts from Pol beta-deleted mouse fibroblasts to separate subfractions containing either Pol delta or Pol epsilon. These fractions were then tested for their… CONTINUE READING