Mammalian Numb is a target protein of Mdm2, ubiquitin ligase.

  title={Mammalian Numb is a target protein of Mdm2, ubiquitin ligase.},
  author={Satomi Yogosawa and Yasuhiro Miyauchi and Reiko Honda and Hirofumi Tanaka and Hideyo Yasuda},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={302 4},
Drosophila Numb protein functions as an antagonist against Notch signal. The expression of this protein is asymmetrical in divided cells and thought to be involved in the neural cell differentiation and/or cell fate. Human homologue of Numb (hNumb) was cloned as Mdm2-binding protein by yeast two-hybrid screening. Since Mdm2 is an oncoprotein and has ubiquitin ligase activity toward tumor suppressor p53, we assessed to find out whether Mdm2 ubiquitinylates the hNumb protein. The recombinant… CONTINUE READING


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