Mammalian CARMIL inhibits actin filament capping by capping protein.

  title={Mammalian CARMIL inhibits actin filament capping by capping protein.},
  author={Changsong Yang and Martin Pring and Martin A Wear and Minzhou Huang and John A. Cooper and Tatyana M Svitkina and Sally H. Zigmond},
  journal={Developmental cell},
  volume={9 2},
Actin polymerization in cells occurs via filament elongation at the barbed end. Proteins that cap the barbed end terminate this elongation. Heterodimeric capping protein (CP) is an abundant and ubiquitous protein that caps the barbed end. We find that the mouse homolog of the adaptor protein CARMIL (mCARMIL) binds CP with high affinity and decreases its affinity for the barbed end. Addition of mCARMIL to cell extracts increases the rate and extent of Arp2/3 or spectrin-actin seed-induced… CONTINUE READING