Maltreatment in childhood substantially increases the risk of adult depression and anxiety in prospective cohort studies: systematic review, meta-analysis, and proportional attributable fractions

  title={Maltreatment in childhood substantially increases the risk of adult depression and anxiety in prospective cohort studies: systematic review, meta-analysis, and proportional attributable fractions},
  author={M. Li and Carl D’Arcy and X. Meng},
  journal={Psychological Medicine},
  pages={717 - 730}
BACKGROUND Literature supports a strong relationship between childhood maltreatment and mental illness but most studies reviewed are cross-sectional and/or use recall to assess maltreatment and are thus prone to temporality and recall bias. [] Key Method Systematic review with meta-analysis synthesized the results. Study quality, heterogeneity, and publication bias were examined. Initial screening of titles and abstracts resulted in 199 papers being reviewed.

Modifiable predictors of depression following childhood maltreatment: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Initial findings indicate that interpersonal relationships, cognitive vulnerabilities and behavioral difficulties may be modifiable predictors of depression following maltreatment, and there is a lack of well-designed, prospective studies on modifiable predictions of depressionFollowing maltreatment.

Gender di ff erences in the e ff ects of childhood maltreatment on adult depression and anxiety : A systematic review and meta-analysis

Child maltreatment has well-documented long-term, adverse effects on mental health, but it is not clear whether there are gender differences in these effects. We conducted a systematic review to

Intergenerational Effect of Maternal Childhood Maltreatment on Next Generation’s Vulnerability to Psychopathology: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis

This review provides robust evidence to reinforce the need for policies to reduce its occurrence, as it can influence not just one but two or possibly more generations.

Associations between childhood maltreatment and psychiatric disorders: analysis from electronic health records in Hong Kong

Findings support the provision of integrated care within the primary health care setting to address the long-term medical and psychosocial needs of individuals with a history of childhood maltreatment.

A Systematic Review of the Prospective Relationship between Child Maltreatment and Chronic Pain

There is an absence of evidence from high quality studies of an association between maltreatment and pain, and PTSD was revealed to be a potential mediator and/or moderator.

The association between adverse childhood experiences and common mental disorders and suicidality: an umbrella review of systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Across identified reviews, 24 ACEs were associated with increased risk of common mental disorders or suicidality and these associations did not significantly vary by gender or the age of exposure.



Childhood maltreatment and DSM-IV adult mental disorders: comparison of prospective and retrospective findings.

Prospective and retrospectively assessed maltreatment elevated the risk of psychopathology to a similar degree and Prospectively ascertained maltreatment predicted a more unfavourable depression course.

Childhood maltreatment predicts unfavorable course of illness and treatment outcome in depression: a meta-analysis.

A meta-analysis of 16 epidemiological studies suggested that childhood maltreatment was associated with an elevated risk of developing recurrent and persistent depressive episodes and with lack of response or remission during treatment for depression.

Sexual abuse and lifetime diagnosis of psychiatric disorders: systematic review and meta-analysis.

A history of sexual abuse is associated with an increased risk of a lifetime diagnosis of multiple psychiatric disorders and associations between sexual abuse and depression, eating disorders, and posttraumatic stress disorder were strengthened by a history of rape.

Child sexual abuse in the etiology of depression: A systematic review of reviews

  • R. Maniglio
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Depression and anxiety
  • 2010
There is evidence that child sexual abuse is a significant, although general and nonspecific, risk factor for depression, and programs should focus not only on treating symptoms, but also on reducing additional risk factors.

The impact of child sexual abuse on health: a systematic review of reviews.

The Prevalence of Child Maltreatment across the Globe: Review of a Series of Meta‐Analyses

In this review, we combine and compare the results of a series of meta-analyses on the prevalence of child sexual, physical and emotional abuse and physical and emotional neglect, including 244

A prospective investigation of major depressive disorder and comorbidity in abused and neglected children grown up.

The need for clinicians to increase efforts to detect and treat depression in physically abused and neglected children is supported, as child abuse and neglect were associated with an increased risk for current MDD.

Validity of adult retrospective reports of adverse childhood experiences: review of the evidence.

  • J. HardtM. Rutter
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplines
  • 2004
BACKGROUND Influential studies have cast doubt on the validity of retrospective reports by adults of their own adverse experiences in childhood. Accordingly, many researchers view retrospective