Malthusianism and the IPPF.

  title={Malthusianism and the IPPF.},
  author={J DELeeuwe},
  journal={Planned Parenthood in Europe regional information bulletin = Planning familial en Europe bulletin d'information regional = Familienplanung in Europe regionale informationen},
  volume={6 1},
  • D E Leeuwe J
  • Published 1977 in
    Planned Parenthood in Europe regional information…
3 theses concerning Malthusianism are held to be true: 1) that Malthusianism has contributed to the economic and cultural exploitation of various peoples, 2) that the attitude of the IPPF is still Malthusian, and 3) that it is desirable and possible under the IPPF constitution to adopt an anti-Malthusian position. Malthusians still view increase in… CONTINUE READING