Maltese seafaring in mediaeval and post-mediaeval times

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Despite a dearth of material evidence, excellent historical detective work, especially that by a dedicated local school of Maltese historians, invites a survey of Maltese economic and political developments from a Mediterranean maritime perspective. In the economic sphere, cotton, shipped to Sicilian ports where it was traded for grain, eventually proved to be mediaeval Malta's chief cash crop. A pattern of non-diversified trade led to the politicization of the economy in the fourteenth century… 
Slavery, captivity and galley rowing in early modern Malta
Abstract For nearly 300 years, the Knights of St John forced a range of captives to labour on their galleys, with slave, convict and debtor oarsmen propelling the Knights’ navy in their crusade


Documents on Frederick IV of Sicily's Intervention in Malta: 1372
The documents published below relate to an exceptional event in Sicilian and Maltese history: the presence on Malta to suppress a rebellion, which was actually led by the royal captain, of a Sicilian
Medieval and Early Renaissance Architecture in Malta
The architectural history of Malta has yet to be written. The thought is a depressing one at a moment when the work of centuries is being blasted to fragments, but it may serve as an excuse for
The naval battles of Roger of Lauria
Agriculture in Malta in the late Middle Ages
\ No proper treatment of agriculture in Malta during the century or so before the arrival of the Order of st. John in the island has yet appeared in print. Nor could the subject have been adequately
The Evolution of the Ottoman Seaborne Empire in the Age of the Oceanic Discoveries, 1453-1525
would encompass the world. In the same period Ottoman sultans, entering upon a century of major expansion, created an Islamic seaborne empire. Corresponding in time but different in character, these
Piracy and the Decline of Venice, 1580–1615 . By Alberto Tenenti. Translated by Janet and Brian Pullan. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1967. Pp. xviii, 210. $6.50.
In a very scholarly and authoritative manner, Alberto Tenenti gives us a detailed description of the trials and tribulations of Venetian maritime trade from 1580 to 1615. Methodically, Tenenti covers
The island of Gozo 1432-1453
I corsari in Mediterraneo all’inizio del Cinquecento
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