Malpractice protection: communication of diagnostic uncertainty.

  title={Malpractice protection: communication of diagnostic uncertainty.},
  author={S M Skoumal and Scott R. Florell and Marilyn Bydalek and William J. Hunter},
  journal={Diagnostic cytopathology},
  volume={14 4},
Malpractice claims against pathologists for misdiagnosis have been sharply rising, especially in the areas of breast fine-needle aspirations (BFNAs) and cervical (Pap) smears. The current state of medical malpractice law is reviewed as it relates to pathologists' anatomic reports. Communication is one of the best medical malpractice prevention tools. This article examines anatomic pathology reports in terms of the merits of communicating diagnostic error rates to the clinician/patient. In the… CONTINUE READING