Malpractice awareness among surgeons at a teaching hospital in Pakistan

  title={Malpractice awareness among surgeons at a teaching hospital in Pakistan},
  author={Asfandyar Sheikh and Sajid Ali and Sadaf Ejaz and M Hamed Farooqi and Syed Salman Ahmed and Imran Jawaid},
  booktitle={Patient safety in surgery},
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND The duty of a doctor to take care presumes the person who offers medical advice and treatment to unequivocally possess the skills and knowledge to do so. However, a sense of responsibility cannot be guaranteed in the absence of accountability, which in turn requires a comprehensive medical law system to be in place. Such a system is almost non-existent in Pakistan. Keeping the above in mind, we designed this study to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of… CONTINUE READING


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