Malocclusion and orthodontic treatment need of 15-74-year-old Dutch adults.

  title={Malocclusion and orthodontic treatment need of 15-74-year-old Dutch adults.},
  author={Rob C W Burgersdijk and Gert Jan Truin and Frans W Frankenmolen and Huib Kalsbeek and Martin A van't Hof and Jan Mulder},
  journal={Community dentistry and oral epidemiology},
  volume={19 2},
In 1986 a nationwide dental survey was performed in the Netherlands. This article describes the prevalence of dentofacial anomalies in the age group 15-74 yr, as well as the subjective and objective need for orthodontic treatment. The main findings were: severe crowding in the mandible was found in approximately 15%; an Angle Class II situation was seen in 28%; a maxillary overjet of greater than 5 mm was found in 23%; orthodontic treatment had or was being performed in approximately 25%; 45… CONTINUE READING

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