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Mallophaga and Anoplura of Subantarctic Islands

  title={Mallophaga and Anoplura of Subantarctic Islands},
  author={Theresa. Clay and Christopher Moreby},
  journal={Pacific Insects Monograph},
* Austrogonio des brevipes (Giebel, 1876) *Nesiotinus demersus Kellogg, 1903 *Austrogoniodes mawsoni Harrison, 1937 *Austrogoniodes gressitti Clay, 1967 A. keleri Clay, 1967 A. macquariensis Harrison, 1937 *A. antarcticus Harrison, 1937 A. bifasciatus (Piaget, 1885) A. gressitti Clay, 1967 A. macquariensis Harrison, 1937 *A. condi (Keler, 1952) *A. cristati Keler, 1952 *A. hamiltoni Harrison, 1937 *A. macquariensis Harrison, 1937 *A. keleri Clay, 1967 *A. bicornutus (Keler, 1954) A… 
A revision of the genus Harrisoniella (Mallophaga: Philopteridae)
Four species of the genus Harrisoniella Bedford, 1929 are recognised; 2 further species are placed in synonymy and a neotype is designated forarrisoniella ferox (Giebel, 1867).
A revision of the genus Perineus (Phthiraptera: Philopteridae)
Six species of the genus Perineus Thompson, 1936 are recognised, including one new species, perineus macronecti new species on Macronectes halli (type host) and Macronecte giganteus.
A revision of the genus Naubates (Insecta: Phthiraptera: Philopteridae)
Ten species of the genus Naubates Bedford, 1930 are recognised, including two new species: N. sp.
First record of Saemundssonia australis Timmermann, 1955 (Mallophaga: Phthiraptera) from Lesser Sheathbill, Chionis minor (Charadriiformes: Chionididae) in the Prince Edward Islands
The object of the study was to devise a quick and reliable method for the collection and study of lice present in birds without harm or stress being inflicted on the birds. Described is the feather
Identification and breeding biology of the diving petrels Pelecanoides georgicus and P. urinatrix exsul at South Georgia
The biology of two species of diving petrel (Pelecanoides georgicus and P. urinatrix exsul) was studied at Bird Island, South Georgia, and several new characters are recognised.
Primer registro en Chile de Antarctophthirus microchir (Anoplura) en lobo marino común (Otaria flavescens)
This is the first record of Antarctophthirus microchir in Chile which, together with what is already known about the geographical distribution and the world evolutionary history of the Otariaceae, could represent another evidence of the monophyly of the northern and southern hemisphere Otariidae groups.
Review of the systematics, biology and ecology of lice from pinnipeds and river otters (Insecta: Phthiraptera: Anoplura: Echinophthiriidae).
A literature review of the sucking louse family Echinophthiriidae, its five genera and twelve species parasitic on pinnipeds and the North American river otter and a host-louse list, and a bibliography to the family as complete as possible.
Health evaluation of wild gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) in the Antarctic Peninsula
This study deals with the health status of gentoo penguins Pygoscelis papua in two localities at the Antarctica Peninsula and one at Ardley Island off the South Shetland Islands.
The species of Saemundssonia (Insecta: Phthiraptera: Philopteridae) from skuas (Aves: Stercorariidae)
Three species of Saemundssonia Timmermann, 1936 parasitic on skuas are recognised as valid and the name Saemondssonia stresemanni Timmerman, 1949 is proposed as a junior synonym of S. (S.)euryrhyncha.