Malignant peripheral primitive neuroectodermal (pPNET) of tongue.


Primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNETs) are relatively rare tumors. Tumors that once would have been diagnosed as Ewing's sarcoma are now often designated as peripheral neuroepithelioma or synonymously PNET. This paper reports a case of PNET located orally on the tongue, which is, to our knowledge, the first case reported in medical literature. The patient… (More)


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@article{Ulutin2007MalignantPP, title={Malignant peripheral primitive neuroectodermal (pPNET) of tongue.}, author={Cuneyt Ulutin and Oguz H Cetinayak and G{\"o}rkem Aksu and Merdan Fayda and Selmin A Ataergin and Murat Beyzadeoglu}, journal={Auris, nasus, larynx}, year={2007}, volume={34 1}, pages={115-8} }