Malignant melanoma of the skin.

  title={Malignant melanoma of the skin.},
  author={P. Jr. Hermanek and Nikolai N. Blinov},
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This compilation of prognostic factors in malignant melanoma of the skin is predominantly based on the updated comprehensive overview on prognosis published in 1992 by Balch et al. [3, 4]. The authors’ data from the University of Erlangen, Germany (more than 850 patients) [26, 48, 49], and from the N.N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, St.Petersburg, Russia (614 patients) [53], are widely comparable with the data from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA, and the Sydney Melanoma… 
Testing a new staging system for cutaneous melanoma proposed by the American Joint Committee on Cancer.
Primary melanoma of oral mucosa: A case report and review of literature
This case provides an example of how dental clinicians play a major role in the identification of pigmented lesions of oral cavity and also emphasize on the fact that any pigmented lesion detected in the oral cavity may exhibit potential growth and should be submitted to biopsy to exclude malignancy.
Primary Melanoma of the Oral Mucosa: A Case Report and Review ofLiterature
A case of 85 years old female who presented with a hard palate blackish lesion and bilateral neck nodes enlargement, biopsy positive for malignant melanoma, with no evidence of extra oral primary melanoma evidence is presented.
PET-CT of Melanoma
FDG PET appears most useful for patients at high risk for harboring distant spread who are under consideration for further surgical therapy and may benefit from the identification of unsuspected or additional distant metastases with subsequent change in management by means of additional surgical resection or avoidance of unnecessary procedures.
Predictive value of early 18F-FDG PET/CT studies for treatment response evaluation to ipilimumab in metastatic melanoma: preliminary results of an ongoing study
18F-FDG PET/CT after two cycles of ipilimumab is highly predictive of the final treatment outcome in patients with PMD and SMD, statistically significant for both early and late responses.
Melanoma Incidence and Frequency Modulation (FM) Broadcasting
It is concluded that melanoma is associated with exposure to FM broadcasting because of the correlation between melanoma incidence and the number of locally receivable FM transmitters.
Risikomerkmale und Überlebensrate des malignen Melanoms in Deutschland und den Niederlanden
Comparison of systems and exploration of possible causal factors that could explain the difference between D and NL using published international literature, as well as publicly accessible databases, and a subsequent hypothesis-generating analysis.