Malignant melanoma of the anorectal region.

  title={Malignant melanoma of the anorectal region.},
  author={Manousos M. Konstadoulakis and N Ricaniadis and Debra Walsh and Constantine P. Karakousis},
  journal={Journal of surgical oncology},
  volume={58 2},
The charts of 15 patients with malignant melanoma of the anorectal region treated at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the period 1975-1991 were reviewed. All the lesions except one developed at the pectinate line, in the area of transitional mucosa. Two of the patients at the time of initial presentation had distant metastases. Of the remaining 13, 8 were treated with abdominoperineal resection (APR) and 5 with local excision (LE). The incidence of local recurrence was 50% in the LE group and… CONTINUE READING