Malignant hypertension associated with obstructive hydrocephalus--case report.

  title={Malignant hypertension associated with obstructive hydrocephalus--case report.},
  author={Hidetaka Nakano and Yasuhiko Tomita and Kazuya Bandoh and Makoto Miyaoka},
  journal={Neurologia medico-chirurgica},
  volume={37 3},
A 36-year-old male presented with headache, vomiting, and gait disturbance. Examination found marked anemia, renal failure, markedly choked disks, and hypertensive encephalopathy. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated diffuse swelling of the brainstem and cerebellum, and obstructive hydrocephalus. Treatment with steroid, glycerol, and antihypertensive drugs resulted in a slow decrease in the brain swelling and cerebral edema. However, hydrocephalus and intracranial hypertension persisted… CONTINUE READING

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