Male psychogenic sexual dysfunction: the role of masturbation

  title={Male psychogenic sexual dysfunction: the role of masturbation},
  author={Josie Lipsith and Damian McCann and David Goldmeier},
  journal={Sexual and Relationship Therapy},
  pages={447 - 471}
The role of masturbation in male psychogenic sexual dysfunction (MPSD) has been neglected by researchers and practitioners; this qualitative study explores that link through individual interviews with a clinic population by using grounded theory as a methodological approach and analytical style. Although a preference for functional sex with a partner was expressed by participants, our data suggest that masturbation dependence develops as a result of their sexual response having become… 

The experiences of men living with inhibited ejaculation

This study describes the experience of inhibited ejaculation in five men using qualitative methods. All the men shared some common features that emerged as four major themes. These were Sexual

Masturbation and Pornography Use Among Coupled Heterosexual Men With Decreased Sexual Desire: How Many Roles of Masturbation?

A multivariate assessment showed that sexual boredom, frequent pornography use, and low relationship intimacy significantly increased the odds of reporting frequent masturbation among coupled men with decreased sexual desire.

Immature psychological defense mechanisms are associated with women's greater desire for and actual engaging in masturbation

Previous research found that frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI) is associated with better health and satisfaction (sexual, relationship, life, mental health), with some opposite effects


This study investigated the suggestion that a gender difference in the frequency of masturbation exists due to a gender difference in sex drive. The research sample consisted of 554 Dutch

Recommendations for the management of premature ejaculation: BASHH Special Interest Group for Sexual Dysfunction

The physiology, prevalence, definitions, aetiological factors and patient assessment for this common sexual problem are outlined and behavioural, local and systemic pharmacological treatments are discussed.

Recommendations for the management of retarded ejaculation: BASHH Special Interest Group for Sexual Dysfunction

The physiology, prevalence, definitions, aetiological factors and patient assessment for this sexual problem are outlined and treatment strategies, recommendations for management and an auditable outcome are suggested.

Masturbation in Urban China

The results suggest that masturbation is readily adopted even at more modest levels of economic and social development, that masturbation was often more than simply compensatory behavior for regular partnered sex, that masturbatory patterns are heavily influenced by early sexualization, and that a complex model is needed to comprehend masturbatory practice, particularly for women.

Masturbation in the United States

The masturbation-partnered sex linkage, often conceptualized either as compensating for unsatisfying sex or complementing a satisfactory sex life, appeared to be bimodal for both genders.



Psychologically based treatment for male erectile disorder: a cognitive-interpersonal model.

A five-part model for time-limited, cognitive-interpersonal treatment of male erectile disorder is described, intended primarily for use with psychogenic erectile dysfunction in intact couples, but can be applied to single males or those with organically based erectile difficulties.

Masturbation fixation and the problem of adaptation to heterosexual partnerships: A few implications

Abstract Masturbation is defined and distinguished from masturbation fixation. Drawing on clinical cases the author explains normal sexual development from autoerotic to heterosexual activity, and

Traumatic masturbatory syndrome.

  • L. Sank
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 1998
A previously unreported pattern of atypical masturbatory behavior, which presents as either an erectile or orgasmic disorder in men, is described, which is suggested that the primary care physician or specialist screen for this problematic style when presented with male sexual dysfunction.

Autoeroticism, sexual satisfaction, and sexual adjustment among university females: Past and current patterns

A review of the research literature reveals a general paucity of rigorous scientific analyses of masturbatory behavior in adult females. The availability of a data base from a pilot study concerned

Cognitive and social aspects of sexual dysfunction: sexual scripts in sex therapy.

The discussion contrast the present use of script analysis with the way the term is used in transactional analysis and research in artificial intelligence.

Sex Therapy: A Practical Guide

This book, written by a British psychiatrist, lives up to its title as a practical guide to sex therapy by providing a detailed format for the behavioral approach to assessing and treating problems

Stimulation Therapy for Sexual Dysfunction

Most traditional sex therapy emphasize anxiety reduction but neglect sex drive. My general approach in an experimental study in 1973 was to stimulate the appetites of sexually dysfunctional patients

Religiosity and the sexuality of women: Sexual behavior and sexual satisfaction revisited

Although our societal attitudes about sexuality continue to be dominated by the religious view that sexual desires are to be restrained and sexual pleasures to be avoided, the degree to which

Psychosexual Therapy: A Cognitive-Behavioural Approach

The determinants of sexual behaviour types of sexual difficulties assessment of sexual problems integrating cognitive and marital therapies into the treatment of sexual dysfunctions sexual skill


The author suggests that this book should provide a basis for discussion by psychiatrists and physicians interested in these conditions, but it is doubtful whether it would be useful for the following reasons.