Male offspring born to mildly ZIKV-infected mice are at risk of developing neurocognitive disorders in adulthood

  title={Male offspring born to mildly ZIKV-infected mice are at risk of developing neurocognitive disorders in adulthood},
  author={S. Stanelle-Bertram and Kerstin Walendy-Gnir{\ss} and T. Speiseder and S. Thiele and I. A. Asante and C. Dreier and Nancy Mounogou Kouassi and Annette Preuss and Gundula Pilnitz-Stolze and U. M{\"u}ller and Stefanie Thanisch and Melanie Richter and Robin Scharrenberg and Vanessa Kraus and Ronja D{\"o}rk and Lynn Schau and V. Herder and I. Gerhauser and V. M. Pfankuche and Christopher K{\"a}ufer and Inken Waltl and T. Moraes and Julie Sellau and Stefan Hoenow and J. Schmidt-Chanasit and S. Jansen and Benjamin Schattling and H. Ittrich and U. Bartsch and T. Renn{\'e} and R. Bartenschlager and P. Arck and D. Cadar and M. Friese and O. Vapalahti and Hanna Lotter and S. Benites and Lane Rolling and Mart{\'i}n Gabriel and W. Baumgaertner and F. Morellini and S. H{\"o}lter and O. Amarie and H. Fuchs and M. Hrabě de Angelis and W. L{\"o}scher and Froylan Calderon de Anda and G. Gabriel},
  journal={Nature Microbiology},
  • S. Stanelle-Bertram, Kerstin Walendy-Gnirß, +45 authors G. Gabriel
  • Published 2018
  • Medicine
  • Nature Microbiology
  • Congenital Zika virus (ZIKV) syndrome may cause fetal microcephaly in ~1% of affected newborns. Here, we investigate whether the majority of clinically inapparent newborns might suffer from long-term health impairments not readily visible at birth. Infection of immunocompetent pregnant mice with high-dose ZIKV caused severe offspring phenotypes, such as fetal death, as expected. By contrast, low-dose (LD) maternal ZIKV infection resulted in reduced fetal birth weight but no other obvious… CONTINUE READING
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