Male multiple orgasms: A descriptive study

  title={Male multiple orgasms: A descriptive study},
  author={Marian E. Dunn and Jan E. Trost},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
  • M. Dunn, J. Trost
  • Published 1 October 1989
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Archives of Sexual Behavior
Little is known about the phenomenon of multiple orgasms among men. The traditional view assumes there are two stages of orgasm in the healthy male: emission following orgasm almost instantly, followed by a refractory period. Contradictory experiences have been reported by men. Data from interviews with 21 multiply orgasmic men are presented. Men reported that detumescence does not always follow an orgasm, that a nonejaculatory orgasm can occur prior to as well as after an ejaculatory orgasm… Expand
Multiple Orgasms in Men-What We Know So Far.
The role of ejaculation and physiological change during the refractory period in inhibiting multiple orgasms has barely been investigated and confirmatory physiological data on any of these factors are few. Expand
Absence of orgasm-induced prolactin secretion in a healthy multi-orgasmic male subject
Data from this multi-orgasmic subject support the hypothesized role of plasma prolactin in contributing to sexual-satiation mechanisms and suggest that prolactIn may form a feedback regulator of the refractory period following orgasm. Expand
Are Orgasms in the Mind or the Body? Psychosocial Versus Physiological Correlates of Orgasmic Pleasure and Satisfaction
  • K. Mah, Y. Binik
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of sex & marital therapy
  • 2005
Orgasmic pleasure and satisfaction were related more to the cognitive-affective than sensory aspects of the orgasm experience than to the overall physical and psychological intensity of orgasm. Expand
The Neurophysiology of Orgasm
Despite decades of research, the neurophysiology of orgasm remains unknown. Animal models with the urethrogenital reflex in rats and facial expressions of orgasm in macaques have provided remarkableExpand
The nature of human orgasm: a critical review of major trends.
A new multidimensional model of the psychological experience of orgasm is described with a view to futhering a biopsychological approach applicable to both sexes. Expand
Male Multiple Ejaculatory Orgasms: A Case Study
There is a paucity of research concerning male multiple orgasms, with or without ejaculation. The purpose of this study was to document, in the laboratory setting, the reported occurrence of male m...
Revisiting post-ejaculation refractory time-what we know and what we do not know in males and in females.
  • R. Levin
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The journal of sexual medicine
  • 2009
Despite numerous studies in rats the mechanisms and site(s) of the activity are poorly understood and little or no significant advance in understanding human male PERT has occurred. Expand
The physiology of age-related changes in sexual capacity and experience: a plan for therapy. II Women
Havelock Ellis (1933) popularized the idea that there was something abnormal and potentially dangerous in older people remaining sexually active, and that if it persists it may take pathological forms. Expand
Placing erection in context: The reflexogenic-psychogenic dichotomy reconsidered
  • B. Sachs
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews
  • 1995
Even without a change in taxonomy, the conduct and interpretation of research into erectile function may be expected to benefit from closer attention to differences and similarities between contexts and species, and to context-sensitive differences in the regulation of erection. Expand
Empathic sexual responses in heterosexual women and men
Two distinct empathic sexual responses have been mentioned anecdotally in the literature: (1) an increase in physiological sexual arousal in response to the sexual arousal of the partner (empathicExpand


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