Male mating territory and sneaking in a maternal mouthbrooder,Pseudosimochromis curvifrons (Pisces; Cichlidae)

  title={Male mating territory and sneaking in a maternal mouthbrooder,Pseudosimochromis curvifrons (Pisces; Cichlidae)},
  author={T. Kuwamura},
  journal={Journal of Ethology},
  • T. Kuwamura
  • Published 2006
  • Biology
  • Journal of Ethology
  • Sneaking, a male mating behavior alternative to defending a territory, is known in various kinds of fishes (Gross 1984; Magurran 1986). Although male mating territories are common in maternal mouthbrooding cichlids (Fryer & Iles 1972; McKaye 1984; Kuwamura 1986), sneaking has been observed only in Cyrtocara eucinostomus (McKaye 1983) and Simochromis diagramma in aquarium situations (T. Sato personal communication). I report here sneaking behavior of a mouthbrooding cichlid Pseudosimochrornis… CONTINUE READING
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