Male infertility and endocrinopathies in Kano, Northwestern Nigeria.

  title={Male infertility and endocrinopathies in Kano, Northwestern Nigeria.},
  author={Mathias Abiodun Emokpae and Patrick Ojiefo Uadia and A Omale-Itodo and T N Orok},
  journal={Annals of African medicine},
  volume={6 2},
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Endocrinologic disorders and infertility are common all over the world; the prevalence of infertility is high in sub-Saharan Africa. Several authors have suggested that the increased incidence of infertility in Africa is due to high prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases. To evaluate the contributions of endocrine abnormalities to infertility in the male in Kano, Northern Nigeria. METHODS A total of five hundred males, aged between 28 and 56 years were evaluated over… CONTINUE READING