Male coercion and convenience polyandry in a calopterygid damselfly

  title={Male coercion and convenience polyandry in a calopterygid damselfly},
  author={Adolfo Cordero Rivera and J. A. Andr{\'e}s},
  journal={Journal of Insect Science},
  pages={1 - 21}
Copulation in odonates requires female cooperation because females must raise their abdomen to allow intromission. Nevertheless in Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis haemorrhoidalis (Odonata) males commonly grasp ovipositing females and apparently force copulations. This has been interpreted as a consequence of extreme population density and male-male competition. We studied this behavior at two sites on a river that had different densities over three years. As predicted, at high densities most matings… CONTINUE READING
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