Male and Female

  title={Male and Female},
  author={P R Hofstatter},

Genomic Resources for Darters (Percidae: Etheostominae) Provide Insight into Postzygotic Barriers Implicated in Speciation

Abstract Comparative genomic approaches are increasingly being used to study the evolution of reproductive barriers in nonmodel species. Although numerous studies have examined prezygotic isolation

Ostrich (Struthio camelus ) Egg Embryonic Death During Artificial Incubation

Ostrich genotype, age, season and congenital problems affect clutch and egg sizes and egg quality- fertility to lead a successful hatch, and most detrimental factors lie in the incubator and hatcher management.

Ethical Decision-Making in Construction Engineering Projects

Ethical Decision-Making in Construction Engineering Projects by Monique S. Sidaross Bridge Design Academy (construction), State of California, 2000 MSCE, University of Southern California, 1997 MSCE,

Pedagogy of oppression: Reconstruction narratives in Mississippi history textbooks 1887-1976

The goal of this study was to identify and analyze Reconstruction narratives in Mississippi History textbooks from 1887-1981 and identify themes that helped maintain the existing social structure/

Cervical vertebral body growth and emergence of sexual dimorphism: a developmental study using computed tomography

The findings reveal that C2 was unique in achieving more of its adult size by 5 years, particularly in females, and the vertebrae of males and females were significantly different in size, particularly after puberty, when males had larger cervical vertebral bodies.

Can Gender-Fair Language Reduce Gender Stereotyping and Discrimination?

By integrating research on language structures, language policies, and individual language behavior, this work provides a critical review of how GFL contributes to the reduction of gender stereotyping and discrimination.

Two intromittent organs inZorotypus caudelli(Insecta, Zoraptera): the paradoxical coexistence of an extremely long tube and a large spermatophore

A comparison with the genital anatomy and reproductive mode in related groups suggests that the elongated tube and its accommodating pouch is a de novo structure, and that the ancestral sperm transport via spermatophore is a preadaptive condition for the acquisition of this unusual structure.

Micro-Evolution in Grasshoppers Mediated by Polymorphic Robertsonian Translocations

It is concluded that Robertsonian polymorphic grasshopper species share some properties with inversion polymorphic species of Drosophila, such as the central-marginal pattern (marginal populations are monomorphic, central populations are highly polymorphic).