Male age influences oocyte-donor program results

  title={Male age influences oocyte-donor program results},
  author={Eliezer Girsh and Nathan Katz and Leonid Genkin and Ofer Girtler and Jaron Bocker and Sofa Bezdin and Ilya Barr},
  journal={Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics},
The purpose of our research was to examine the relationship between male age and semen parameters in a range of ages (from 20s to 60s) in Egg Donation Program (EDP) cycles. EDP provides a pool of high quality oocytes, thus allowing better analysis of the sperm efficacy. The retrospective study population consisted of 484 male partners of patients undergoing EDP in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. A comparison was made of male age and sperm parameters within two groups: cycles resulting… CONTINUE READING