Male Victims of Sexual Assault

  title={Male Victims of Sexual Assault},
  author={Gillian Mezey and Michael King},
  journal={Medicine, Science and the Law},
  pages={122 - 124}
  • G. Mezey, M. King
  • Published 1 April 1987
  • Law, Psychology
  • Medicine, Science and the Law
Adult male victims of sexual assault appear to have similar reactions to female victims, but are more stigmatized, may experience greater subsequent anger and guilt, and are even less likely to report the offence than females. Increased recognition of these assaults is called for, both in law and by victim support agencies, in order to reduce the stigma, encourage reporting and facilitate the enforcement of criminal justice. 
Male victims of male sexual assault: A review of psychological consequences and treatment
Sexual assault/rape of women have received considerable attention in the literature. This paper attempts to extend the discussion by highlighting the impact of sexual assault on men. The legal system
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Synopsis Twenty-two men, who had been forcibly sexually assaulted, participated in a study to determine the circumstances of the attacks and the effects on the victims. The immediate and long-term
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Within the literature, two differing accounts of male sexual assault are hypothesized—one is the view that it is perpetrated by offenders who are characteristically homosexual, and the other that it
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The presentation of these figures should alert health professionals to the existence of adult male rape and inspire further research to assess this hidden form of sexual victimization.
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This paper examines the experiences of gay male rape victims. It discusses findings from empirical studies of police attitudes along with an increasing number of studies that have examined the
Male-on-Male Sexual Assaults
Using the crime scene actions of 305 male-on-male sexual assault from a U.K. national police database, multidimensional analysis was carried out and the proposed framework was found to be a useful way of classifying male- on- male sexual assaulters with 74% displaying a dominant theme.
Male Rape Victims Referred to a Forensic Psychiatric Service
  • P. Huckle
  • Psychology
    Medicine, science, and the law
  • 1995
A series of male victims of rape are presented who were identified following referral to a Forensic Psychiatric Service, where they were also offenders in their own right.
Effects of Sexual Assaults on Men: Physical, Mental and Sexual Consequences
The literature suggests a range of possible/occasional consequences, but no well-established patterns of injuries, psychological/emotional reactions or sexual responses/adjustments for male sexual assault victims.


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The impact of rape on the male victims was similar to that on female victims, disrupting their biopsychosocial functioning; however, male rape appears to be underreported due to the stigma associated with it.
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Fourteen male rape victims treated in a county hospital emergency room over a 30-month period are compared with 100 randomly selected female victims treated over the same period. The male victims as
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In their work with a population of military men, the authors reviewed the psychiatric evaluations of 13 such victims, ages 18 to 31, over a 2-year period, and almost half of these victims reported that they had experienced subsequent sexual problems.
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The article focuses on the psychological aftermath for sexual assault victims, and a paradigm is offered, consisting of "Set-up," "Attack," and "Aftermath" phases.
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The authors investigated the relationship between physical and sexual abuse and psychiatric illness. The life experiences of 188 male and female psychiatric patients were reconstructed through an
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The authors ranked accounts from 133 offenders and 92 victims for the dominant issue and found that the offenses could be categorized as power rape (sexuality used primarily to express power) or anger rape (use of sexuality to express anger).
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